We work close with all are Manufacturers for Troubleshooting, Upgrades, Modifications, Preventative maintenance, Technical support, and all problem solving.

List of common manufacturers we service


  • Metal-Saw  Plate, Bar, Extrusion & Circle Cutters
  • Savage Plate Saw
  • Schelling Plate Saw
  • B & O Plate Saw
  • Oliver Saws
  • Beringer Bandsaw
  • Amada Bandsaw & Shears
  • Hem Bandsaw
  • Cincinnati Saws & Shears Mechanical & Hydraulic
  • Wysong Shears, Brakes


  • Reusch Slitters
  • Yoder Slitters
  • Brainer Slitters, Levellers
  • Herr Voss Levellers
  • Delta Levellers
  • Rowe Machine, Conveyors, Flattener, Stackers Etc.
  • SCMI Saws
  • Pro Echo Levellers
  • CTD Chop Saws
  • Do all Bandsaws

Have a Machine not mentioned ? We can help you too!

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ONSITE MACHINE SERVICE - OMS- Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Inland Empire, Bakersfield, San Diego.
We install, dismantle, reassemble, rebuild, repair, modify, service and perform preventative maintenance on the following industrial machines, machinery & industrial equipments: turnkey, saw, plate saw, band saw, vertical saw, horizontal saw, chop saw, slitter, recoiler, payoff, shear, hydraulic leveler , mechanical leveler, conveyor, punch press, breaks, compressor, vertical mill, Lathe, surface grinder, machine enclosures, machine foundations, concrete footings, pneumatics, electrical, gears boxes, pistons, motors, camera surveillance, retrofit, shafts, lathe turning, bearings, seals, chains, wood saw, sander, twin mill, reverse ducting, chip collector, rotary valves, exhaust fan, cooling system, coolant pump, coil up enders, coil down enders, sheet stacker, motor coupler, rotary unions, encoder, variable speed drive, dust collector, tension stand, scissor lift, core cutter, panel saw, shaper, router, table saw, drill press, PVC machine, OD grinder, tension leveler.
Here is the list of the most common Industrial machine manufacturers that we service: Amada Machine Tools America Inc, Armstrong, B&O Saws Inc, Behringer Saws Inc, Blum, Brainerd Manufacturing, Cincinnati Saws, CTD, Delta, Doall, Echo Inc, HE &M Saw, Herr Voss Stamco, Hyd-Mech, Marvel, Metal Sawing Technology, Oliver Machine and Tool Corp, Progressive Reusch Inc, Pro-Eco Levellers, Rowe Machine, Savage Machine Tools, Schelling, SCMI Saws, Wysong Parts & Service, Yoder Mfg.